Cello Recital Program & Note
Cello Recital


New Music for Solo Cello

September 24, 1997  8:00 pm
The New England Conservatory
Jordan Hall

Album for Solo Cello John McDonald

Oracular Miniature (1991) to Christian HoIleck

Quadrille in Quintuphcate (1995) to T om Rutishauser

Eulogy (1993) to T om Rutishauser in memory of David Wetten

Seraphics (1997) (premiere) to Thomas Rutishauser

Spring Song (1995) Augusta Read Thomas for Scott Kluksdahl

Intarsien (1989) Violeta Dinescu


Music for Solo Electric Cello (1991) John Holland

Bow Echo (1997) (premiere) Edie Hill

I. Cloud to Ground
II. In the Calm, Electric Air
III. Blue Jets

commissioned by the Schubert Club of Minneapohs for Thomas Rutishauser
improvisation with Ann Brown Allen; choreographed by Erica Drew


Program Note

John Holland's Music for Solo Electric Cello is based on the integers drawn from the birth-dates of 20 composers who composed for the cello. These integers are organized around a series of musical sequences (sound groups) that contain a set of performance instructions: Unexpectedly, this loose set of directions does create a unified and coherent whole, giving the performer the feeling of being part of the creative process along with the composer. As John himself wrote, "I don't associate the word 'improvisation' with the music. I consider it to be 'collaborative' music in which 1 provide the structural aspects of the music, and the player contributes the musical texture." Each performance of this work is unique.

-Thomas Rutishauser