Lament for a Lost Civilization (1975)
The music consists of re-creations of early American Indian singing, drumming, and flute playing; other samples include insects, birds, animals, and weather environments. You can easily hear the sound of the buffalo, wolf, and bear which played a predominant role in the lives of the AmerIndians.

In addition, I played and recorded excerpts from familiar American colonial songs and dances on the piano, including My Country tis' of Thee, Washington's March, and Yankee Doodle. The music is used to suggest a contemporary background against which the other sounds are referenced. Some of the piano music is digitally processed for effect.

There are nine recorded tracks. Each track was separated into short segments, naturally bounded by silences. The segments were then recombined, independently of one another, and separated by varied durations of silence. The duration of each silence was mirrored by the segment's musical duration, except for the colonial songs and dances.

The Lament is intended to attract one's attention not only to the loss of hunter-gather tribes from the beginning of humankind, but to all lost species.

(all recorded segments are in the public domain)

Duration: 3:50