The Moby Dick in All of Us (2009)

(for Digitally Modified Piano and Electronic Sounds)

John Holland, Piano, Electronic sounds

The piano score is divided into 10 movements, each containing a series of integers, and the name of one of the characters in Hermann Melville’s epic novel Moby Dick. The integers used in the score were drawn from the names of the 10 different characters, ranging from Ishmael and Queequeg to Captain Ahab and Moby Dick. 

The integers in each movement are determined by the letters in the alphabet that spell-out the name of each character. The letter 'a' corresponds to the number 1, the letter 'b' to 2, and so on.

After making a recording of the piano music from the score, I digitally modified the recorded piano music, then added the electronic sounds. 


1. Ishmael

2. Queequeg

3. Captain Ahab

4. The Pequod

5. Starbuck

6. Stubb

7. Flask

8. Tashtego

9. Pip

10. Moby Dick